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Nothing like this has been offered on Caye Caulker before now! Newly built Mennonite wooden home on a gorgeous sandy parcel of land just 200 feet from the sea is available for you to finish out to suit your needs. The hard part is done, now just add your own flavor and start living the dream in the beautiful neighborhood of Eden Isle on the best island in Belize!​​

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LUCKY NUMBER 888: This sweet cottage by the sea, like its neighbor on Lot 205, measures 16 feet by 48 feet for an interior living space of 768 square feet. There is a perfect 10 ft x 12 ft screened-in covered veranda for an additional 120 feet of outdoor living space. This provides a total of 888 square feet of living space! In Chinese numerology this number represents TRIPLE FORTUNE! In Christian numerology, this number represents Jesus, or more specifically Christ the Redeemer. So we are thinking either way you shake it, these are the luckiest Beach Cottages around!

​The two bedroom, one bath home boasts an open floor plan with a bedroom on each side of the kitchen/living area, providing privacy for the occupants. The walls are finished with drywall and the home is wired for the addition of electricity. The floors are gorgeous Belizean hardwood and in contrast to the white walls, their beauty really stands out. There are large windows with screens and tropical views!

One can choose to add a swanky modern kitchen and bath or a more modest beach cabin style kitchen and bath. For example, you could put in a Mennonite sink cabinet and plumb it for under $1500. With the base all ready to go, it's up to you what you want to spend. You'll need to add solar, plumbing, rain catchment and septic. 

​This home is available with just 30% down and 7.7% interest over 7 years, leaving you plenty of cash to finish out this home to fit your budget and your design tastes.

This lot is the third lot from the sea and just about 200 feet to the shoreline. ​This parcel is one of the highest and driest in Eden Isle and measures approximately 60 feet by 90 feet. It is graced by coconut and other palm trees and what appears to be a Banyan Tree. The cottage was cleverly set at the edge of the property to allow for additional buildings. Set lower to the ground, the home is more easily accessible than the typical home on stilts. Finally a home on the caye without a long flight of stairs! 

This neighborhood features several shared community piers, providing residents with easy boat access and sweet spots for sunning and swimming.  Relax on the dock and groove on incredible sunsets, chill out and enjoy some dolphin watching, throw a line off the pier and grab a red snapper for dinner...
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Eden Isle Beach Cottage 305


US $149,000 

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